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Autism is Treatable

ADHD/ADD, Learning & Memory Problems Speech Delays, Withdrawn Behavior
Children’s Brain Booster Program

Friday, Saturday and Sunday only

Highly effective treatment plan for your child with the most advanced tests developed with our laboratory partners in US and Germany.


  1. Fill out the booking form opposite.
  2. Complete the Autism Spectrum Assessment online or download and send to us at info@xyclinics.com
  3. Free 30-45 minute phone/Skype consultation
  4. Laboratory testing if needed.
  5. Start personalized vitamins and supplements treatment plan - 90 days duration.
  6. Progress tracked every 3 weeks.

Trusted voice

"Before they used to say there is no medication for autism, so this is a new ray of hope for us that there is something that is helping our child. Since starting the program my son's concentration has improved, he is listening to us and understanding at least 5 out of 10 things and his eye contact has improved." – Mother of a 5-year old boy.

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